• December 4th, 2020 Top Picks

    Description: With this script, you can grab those captions in seconds -- so you can, effectively, automatically transcribe your YouTube video!


    >> "Use if you want to have Youtube transcribed in code."

  • December 4th, 2020 Top Picks

    Description: Hieroglyph is a research tool to easily view a Youtube video's transcript. Youtube automatically transcribes most videos. We grab the transcriptions off of Youtube, format it, and give you a readable version.


    >> "Nice little hack."

  • October 23rd, 2020 Top Picks

    Description: Launching a dislike bot attack, you can cause the video to disappear from people's recommended feed and also from the Youtube search results! Give it a try for just $10. If you don't see 100 dislikes, you get your money back guaranteed.


    >> "Wow. This is definitely blackhat stuff. Haven't tried this but appreciate the creativity!"