Everyday a new marketing tool is launched in the internet.

This site brings all those tools to one place!

The way this site works is that I have set up a bunch of scripts and crawlers monitoring the “usual places” where people launch software products.

When a marketing tool is identified, it is automatically picked up and placed in the “daily stream”. The daily stream is updated twice a day.

In addition, I hand pick the COOLEST new marketing tools to the “top picks” list. In the top picks, there is a quick comment why I selected a certain tool.

This site is still a work in progress and I admit that there is some garbage among the daily stream selections currently (this is a limited time, side project of mine). However, I think that this site is already a better way to find newest marketing tools than going to the usual places and doing the filtering yourself.

There is an option to sign-up to an email list as well to get the top tools straight to your inbox.

I hope you get value out of this!

If you have some feedback or anything else, lets connect @aleksimmonen